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Proudly Supporting Starlight Children's Foundation

Proudly Supporting Starlight Children's Foundation

Without a doubt, the most significant impact in the Starlight/R&W partnership has come from the Spring Campaign.

So far we have seen an accumulative total in fundraising dollars for Starlight of $500,326.09!

This is an incredible effort and an amazing contribution towards assisting the Starlight Foundation

How Does Starlight Help Sick Kids?

- A Dream Come True

An incredible gift of hope during the toughest of times.

A Starlight Wish is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a seriously ill child and their family.

​An incredible gift of hope during the toughest of times, Starlight Wishes help sick kids and their families dream big and leave the pain of treatment behind.

​From the moment a child is told their Starlight Wish is to be granted the excitement begins. Dreaming, planning and talking about the wish is a great distraction from treatment and surgery. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that lifts spirits and brings families together.​

Livewire Online - Connecting Sick Teens

Adolescence is hard enough without the challenge of a serious illness or disability.

Designed to combat loneliness and isolation, connects teens and young people (10-20) experiencing serious illness or disability, through a safe online community. It helps teens navigate life with a serious illness, support each other and most importantly, to focus on the positives of what they can do, not what they can’t.​

​ is a dynamic and safe online teen-only hang out. A chill out zone where young people with serious illness or disability can be social, build friendships, feel independent and connect with others who know what they’re going through. It's a place where they can just be teenagers.​

Healthier Futures - Supporting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

Through Starlight's Healthier Futures Initiative, Captain Starlight visits kids in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

​Working alongside health professionals throughout communities across the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Captain Starlight entertains kids and performs under the open skies.

Captain Starlight builds trust and sparks lasting relationships between health professionals, kids and the community, easing stress and pressure on healthcare clinics. By engaging with kids through song dance and storytelling, Starlight has helped to boost health clinic attendance. And by enhancing the clinic experience through Captain Starlight’s own brand of fun, community confidence in the healthcare system has increased too.​

Starlight Express Rooms - A Fun Haven for Play

We believe that play is the work of children. While sick kids often experience a very adult world of stress and trauma, play is the powerful force essential to developing resilience, wellbeing and a sense of normality.

Our Starlight Express Rooms are a medical free haven for sick kids and their families seeking a welcome break from the relentless cycle of medical treatments and procedures. It's the place we get down to the serious business of having fun!​

Captain Starlight - Fighting for Fun!

Medical treatment is only part of the picture when it comes to the wellbeing of a seriously ill child. While health professionals focus on treating illness, Captain Starlight is the super hero who captures a sick kid's imagination and creates a healing environment filled with entertainment, fun, laughter and joy.

​Sporting a silver cape, Captain Starlight is professionally trained to break down barriers and connect with kids to make mayhem, joy and laughter the order of the day.

What is the Spring Campaign?

Participating offices elect to contribute a donation from the sale of each property listed and sold or new management leased during the months of Spring.​

How can you show your support? 

If you are considering selling or leasing your property, register your details below and an R&W representative will contact you to arrange an obligation free appraisal of your property.
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